5 Most Anticipated All-New Marvel Now Books


1. All-New Invaders Written by James Robinson with art by Steve Pugh

I am a big fan of James Robinson, his Starman series is probably the best superhero comic book of all time.  I believe this is his first work for Marvel (please comment below if I am forgetting something).  It should be exciting to see him take on a team of legacy characters at the House of Ideas.  Steve Pugh is a good artist who most recently worked on DC’s Swamp Thing.


2. Silver Surfer Written by Dan Slott with art by Mike Allred

If Dan Slott’s trippy work on Superior Spider-Man is any indication, this should be a bonkers space adventure.  Mike Allred should draw all comics! That cover is RADD!!


3. Black Widow Written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Phil Noto

The real draw for this one is the artwork.  Phil Noto does lots of covers but rarely interiors.  He also draws beautiful women.  Nathan Edmonson appeared on the scene with his spy story Who is Jake Ellis?  The spy techno thriller is his genre and his work in that field has been compelling.


4. She-Hulk Written by Charles Soule with art by Javier Pulido

Charles Soule is the comic writer of the day.  He has done books at Image, DC and Marvel.  It is nice that he hasn’t been made exclusive anywhere.  I haven’t read much of his work but it will be cool to see him take on a Marvel character, especially with so much buzz around his name.  Javier Pulido should draw all the books Mike Allred doesn’t have time for.


5. Punisher Written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Mitch Gerads

The team behind Image Comic’s The Activity brings us a Punisher book.  This books falls right within their wheelhouse.  It should be great but it ranks as #5 because it will probably still be like every other Punisher book.


2 thoughts on “5 Most Anticipated All-New Marvel Now Books

  1. I will most certainly be getting the Invaders and Silver Surfer books when they are released in their collected form. Phil Noto is going to kill it on Black Widow. If that book has an elements of flashbacks (which, what Black Widow story doesn’t?) his art will be great for depicting different time periods.

  2. […] originally intended to use this article to rate the five books that I highlighted in My Five Most Anticipated All-New Marvel Now Books.  Unfortunately, the Silver Surfer book has still not been released.  Its new date seems to be […]

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