Arrow Season 2: What’s Left To Accomplish?

Arrow Season 2

Arrow Season 2

Season 2 of Arrow is starting to wrap up and I would like to take a look at what I believe will happen in the final seven episodes.  Everything I have to say is based on guesses and opinions of what I would like to see/what I think will happen.  However, if you feel that educated guesses and fan speculation constitute some sort of future knowledge spoilers, then by all means, beware spoilers.

Ok, still with me? Great.  The preview for this week’s episode shows that there will be some sort of confrontation between Oliver and Slade.  Based on the pacing that this season has had, I have no doubt in my mind that this confrontation will happen sooner rather than later in the episode.  I’m hoping that we get a sort of back and forth, full episode battle between Oliver and Slade that represents a sort of feeling out period between the two.

So far as we know, they have not seen each other since some point in time on the island.  From what little Oliver has told other characters of what happened on the island we can piece together that  1) Oliver put an Arrow in Slade’s eye and 2) Slade was thought to be  dead.  From the looks of things only one of those is true.

Slade is giving up the element of surprise at this point and I think he is going to take Oliver to the limit.  Oliver will ultimately barely defeat Slade (with the help of Team Arrow) and Slade will be forced to regroup.  There will potentially be a moment where Slade realizes that he underestimated Oliver or Oliver’s ability to make friends/work as a part of a team.  This will inspire Slade to start attacking the weaker links in Oliver’s life (Laurel, as a distraction for both Oliver and Sarah, and Thea, a distraction for Oliver and Roy).

If Slade does threaten Thea he will inadvertently draw the attention of last seasons Big Bad; Malcolm Merlyn.  Merlyn will step up to protect Thea and blame Oliver for the death of Tommy and for not being able to properly protect Thea.  It is possible that Merlyn’s fight with Slade will be public in some way and it will catch the attention of Ra’s Al Ghul.  Al Ghul will come to town to make sure that Merlyn is dead once and for all.

Slade will realize that he is going to need more men if he is going to contend with Oliver and Merlyn (the one thing he didn’t plan for) and he will need to recruit more men through Brother Blood and his cult.  As Slade’s numbers grow, the pressure will be on Oliver to find help wherever he can.  This will mean trusting in Team Arrow (Diggle, Felicity, and Sarah) completely, he’ll need to learn to trust in Roy even more, and may even have to learn that the enemy of his enemy might just have to be his ally (Merlyn).

If that’s not enough, Diggle might just recruit the Suicide Squad for extra back up because, well, why not? They’re the Suicide Squad which makes them expendable and they don’t really have a choice.

By the season finale I think we are going to see Slade and his group in a full on war with Oliver and whoever he can assemble to fight with him.  The entire thing will be eagerly watched from the shadows but Ra’s Al Ghul who wants to see which of these people fighting is the strongest/most worthy (if any).  He will also discover that Sarah is still alive.  I say that he will discover that Sarah is still alive because I have a feeling that when Neesa got back from her bring-Sarah-back-or-kill-her mission that she forgot to mention to her father that she did neither.

Throughout the final battle I think that Slade will be able to kill Merlyn and Sarah, which would greatly please Ra’s Al Ghul, but then find himself badly wounded at the hands of Oliver.  The League of Assassins will swoop in and save Slade at the last minute leaving Oliver reeling from the lose of Sarah.

So where do I think everyone will be by the end of the season?

Oliver will once again be left to pick up the pieces of his city and survey the wreckage. Slade will separate himself from Brother Blood but probably end up joining the League of Assassins. Sarah will end up dying but her death will set Laurel on a new path and it will also reveal to Detective Lance that the Arrow is Oliver and he will probably end up joining Team Arrow. Roy will also end up becoming a full time member of the team, possible get a costume, and he will take Sarah’s place as Oliver’s partner in the field.

As far as the Queen family goes, I don’t believe there will be any casualties.  I think Thea will have a lot of soul searching to do because her world is about to be turned upside down.  She could potentially find out any or all of the fact that her brother is the Arrow, her boyfriend is the Arrow’s sidekick, her real father isn’t her father and also that he is the man responsible for leveling half of the city last year.  She’s going to have a LOT to deal with going into season 3.

And where will Moira Queen be after all of this is said and done? Sitting pretty in the Mayor’s Office.  This will be a spin on the story line from the comics: Mayor Queen. All of the chaos in the city and the controversy that is sure to come out with Sebastian Blood will make it easy for her to win whatever election they end up having.  And her first act as new Mayor? Start a campaign against all vigilante activity in Starling City. Two major attacks on the city in 2 years with the citizens caught in the crossfire.  She will position herself against all vigilantes, further putting herself in conflict with Oliver (whether she knows it or not).

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I think will happen for the majority of the season.  I’m sure there are plenty of surprises left in store for us and I’m sure there are plenty of things I have missed but I think there’s a pretty good chance that at least some of this stuff might come true.  Just remember, none of this is actual spoilers or details from the show, just my own musings on what might happen. I wanted to put it out there now before the end of the season as just a fun way to document what I think will happen and I can see how accurate I was by the end of the season.

What do you guys think? Are there any details or subtle clues throughout the season that I’ve missed or forgotten? Any predictions  of your own for what you think will come true, like perhaps any member of the Lance family will learn to open their mouth when they speak? I’d love to hear what you’ve got in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Arrow Season 2: What’s Left To Accomplish?

  1. After watching last week’s episode (March 5), it seems like there is a good chance of Slade targeting Thea, especially after the guided art tour. I liked that Team Arrow thought they could take him out so quickly, but he anticipated their movements. I also enjoyed the blunt way the writers had Oliver act toward Slade, as if no one could hear any of their conversation. I really hope the Suicide Squad has a big role. I have a bunch of the old issues from the 80’s.

    • I also liked how Oliver went directly into damage control. The fact that Oliver was willing to (attempt to) stab Slade right in the living room with his mother still in the house shows that Slade is the real-deal type of threat. How was Oliver going to explain a dead body to his mother other than revealing everything to her?

      Who was on the Suicide Squad in the issues you have? I thought I had read some Suicide Squad stuff but it was actually a different alliterative title, the Secret Six (which also features Deadshot).

      • I know it was Rick Flagg, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Count Vertigo, Captain Boomerang, Amanda Waller and I think Nightshade. There were a bunch of others too. I have the first 25 issues or so.

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