Guardians of the Galaxy Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Infinity Gems

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Earlier this week, the AV club ran an article that examined the late 80’s/early 90’s Batman franchise. It is a well-written article that offers a point of contrast, to the current landscape of blockbusters. The most notable point the author made, is that regardless of quality, the one thing, those four Batman films did right, was allow a certain degree of authorial control, on the part of the director. Batman and Batman Returns are Tim Burton films and Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are Joel Schumacher films, they just happen to feature Batman. In his new film Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn accomplishes the same trick. He does it so well, that Guardians emerges as the most unique of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The reason being, that at its core, it remains a James Gunn film.
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All-New Marvel Now! Early Reviews


I originally intended to use this article to rate the five books that I highlighted in My Five Most Anticipated All-New Marvel Now Books.  Unfortunately, the Silver Surfer book has still not been released.  Its new date seems to be the last week in March.  The other problem is that due to the staggered release schedule, I have read a varying number of issues in each series so far.  Despite that, I would like to use this article to rank and give a brief review of the eight new series I have tried.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Gets Everyone Hooked on a Feeling

Review: George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight


There are two undeniable rules of the way popular culture spreads in today’s world.  First, when an entertainment property becomes truly popular, it manages to find its way into every medium imaginable.  Second, once HBO makes a television show about anything, all of the sudden, everyone knows about it.  In recent years this has become true of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.  Yes, before the show, there were fans of Martin’s, epic, fantasy novel series, but it was mostly confined to fans of the genre, without much crossover.  When the show began airing in the spring of 2011, Thrones had hit the big time, making everyone aware of a new powerhouse.  As a result there are now the books, the show, a video game in the works, books of criticism about the show, blogs, a new found interest in the audio books, a card game, action figures and even a comic book adaptation.  By the time the comic series was announced, I had already read the books, watched the show and listened to the audio books.  My interest in the graphic novel adaptation was limited.  After taking one look at the artwork, I decided I could pass on that particular iteration of a story I already knew quite well.  Luckily, there is another option for fans of both Game of Thrones and the comic book medium.  Last November, Amazon’s newly minted comic book imprint, Jet City Comics, republished the graphic novel adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight.

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13 Great Comics of 2013

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The end of the year always seems to be a good time, to look back at all the things that made the year worthwhile.  Instead of creating a best of list, I decided to just list books that I think anyone could enjoy.  These books are not in my opinion the best written or drawn, although in many instances that is true, but just the books that I liked reading over the last year and the ones that I look forward to continue reading in 2014.  So here is a list of 13 great comics with a little description of why they are great.  Yes, the order matters.  In my opinion 1 is better than 13.
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Review: Infinity by Jonathan Hickman


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Marvel’s Infinity, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Leinil Francis Yu and Mike Deodato is one of the most successful event comic stories ever completed.  Not only did it craft a story that was compelling through its entire publication, but its structure, marketing and production was the best the comics industry has ever seen.
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