Arrow Season 2: What’s Left To Accomplish?

Arrow Season 2

Arrow Season 2

Season 2 of Arrow is starting to wrap up and I would like to take a look at what I believe will happen in the final seven episodes.  Everything I have to say is based on guesses and opinions of what I would like to see/what I think will happen.  However, if you feel that educated guesses and fan speculation constitute some sort of future knowledge spoilers, then by all means, beware spoilers. Continue Reading


MrJoshua327 Reviews Thor: The Dark World

Loki Poster

I’m not a huge fan of reviews. I know, then why am I writing one for Thor: The Dark World, right?  I read a few reviews and comments before seeing Thor and I had a few concerns going in.  Thor had been chalked up as being a 2 hour yuck fest of nonstop laughs and a terrible sequel.  I’m not sure what movie those people saw, but it sure as hell wasn’t the same one I went to. I would just like to give my thoughts and impressions of the film. Continue Reading

Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Rickards, and Summer Glau Discuss Their Characters & Storylines on Arrow

Here is an insightful article about the show Arrow that I found on the We Minored In Film blog. Give it a read if you like Arrow!

We Minored in Film

Have you noticed that Arrow‘s ratings this season have actually been down? Now, don’t get too worried because we’re talking incredibly minor drops (phrases like “fell two-tenths of a point” being used in ratings round-ups).  It’s entirely possible the younger-skewering Arrow is simply suffering from time-shifted viewing which is not reflected in Nielsen overnight ratings, be they time-shifting via DVR or to a streaming service like  However, it is a bit surprising. The people at Arrow did everything they could to keep the conversation about the show going throughout the summer via the strategic leakage of plot spoilers as to future storylines.  Then, a couple of weeks ago the entire first season of Arrow was released on Netflix Instant Streaming, which has been seen a precursor to a boost in ratings for new episodes for other soap-y shows like Scandal.  Logically, expecting Arrow to enjoy a huge surge…

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Thor Prep for Wednesday

Well, there’s a half an hour left on Wednesday and no one had posted anything for Thor week.  I guess we’ll have to be more organized next year.  Just so the day doesn’t go by without being acknowledge I’ll post this, one of my favorite scenes from the first Thor Film


Hopefully I can find something special to celebrate Thorsday tomorrow.