All-New Marvel Now! Early Reviews


I originally intended to use this article to rate the five books that I highlighted in My Five Most Anticipated All-New Marvel Now Books.  Unfortunately, the Silver Surfer book has still not been released.  Its new date seems to be the last week in March.  The other problem is that due to the staggered release schedule, I have read a varying number of issues in each series so far.  Despite that, I would like to use this article to rank and give a brief review of the eight new series I have tried.
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Review: Avengers #23 Infinity Part 14


Posted by mkilroy89

In Avengers #23, Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu deliver another pulse pounding chapter, in their story of superheroes and space battles. It is a great issue, with some exciting action sequences, which propel the characters, into the final stage of the series.
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